Transmission 043 • 03.22.10

Hüsnü Özkartal Orkestrası • Oğlan Oğlan / Pınar Başı Ben Olayım [Turkey]

Panadda Chayapark • Yoong [Thailand]

The Silhouettes • Bhavayia [Pakistan]

Los Issifu & His Moslems • Kansa Soro [Ghana]

Ahmad Zahir • Ashiq Royat Man [Afghanistan]

Teddy Robin & The Playboys • Norman’s Fancy [Hong Kong]

Blackfoot • Mwe Bafyashi [Zambia]

Cheb Fedela • Cheb Rassi [Algeria]

Bappi Lahiri with Amit Kumar & S. Pandit • Kya Jaan Yeh Duniya [India]

Chanthara OuthensackdaHone Nay [Laos]

Traore Amadou dit Ballake et Les 5 Consuls • Ligda Remba [Upper Volta]

Baligh HamdiMy Love Story [Egypt]

Hasnah Rahman bersama The Blue Beats • Aku Terpedaya [Malaysia]

Jasmin Musical Club • Mjamili [Tanzania]



Other sounds used in this program are from ShortWaveMusic, Sublime Frequencies and The Conet Project, as well as various cassettes, CD-Rs, vinyl, and other audio anomalies found on the world wide web.

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  1. The DOWNLOAD link doesn’t work anymore… how can I get your archive? Thanks :)

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